Assignment: Applying a Critical Approach to Literary Criticism

Review the following link from our course readings regarding the many different critical approaches to literary criticism:

Write a persuasive essay (750–1000 words) in which you present a thesis and develop an argument that interprets the author’s writings from one of those critical approaches. You will need to conduct research and do the following:

  • Cite at least two secondary sources from the school’s online library.
  • Use summary, paraphrase, and direct quotes (minimum of five) from your selected work  to support your thesis and prove your subclaims.
  • Neither Uncle Tom’s Cabin nor The Life of Frederick Douglass can be used for this assessment as those two writings are used in a separate assessment.

Grading Rubric

Fell Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations
A clear thesis is established that addresses one of the critical approaches to criticism 1 2 3
Subclaims are established in the main body paragraphs that clearly support the thesis 1 2 3
The subclaims are  compelling and persuasive and demonstrate an engagement with the text and the critical approach being argued 1 2 3
Academic sources are incorporated that support the student’s thesis and subclaims. Minimum of 2 required. 1 2 3
Direct quotes, summaries, and paraphrases are used from the text to support the thesis and subclaims. Minimum of 5 required 1 2 3
The organization pattern is logical. 1 2 3
Required length is met 1 2 3
MLA formatting guidelines are followed 1 2 3