Assignment: Defining Characteristics of the Major Schools of Literary Criticism

For this assignment, you must create a PowerPoint of at least 20 slides demonstrating your understanding of the following schools of literary criticism: New Criticism/Formalism, Reader-Response, Feminism, and Marxism. In your PowerPoint, you must explain literary criticism and demonstrate your understand of the key characteristics of each. Include also the time period in which these schools developed and significant advocates of each one. Be creative-use pictures, timelines, interesting data etc. Include an additional Works Cited page for all resources used. The Works Cited should be formatted in MLA, and at least 5 sources should be used.

Grading Rubric

Fell Below Expectations Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations
All four schools of literary criticism are identified and defined in detail. 1 2 3
Creativity-the Power Point is creative, thorough, and demonstrates an engagement with the material. 1 2 3
MLA formatting guidelines are  followed. 1 2 3