Human subjects approval

Your rights as a participant in this experiment

Researchers taking the measurements of a human subject.

Fig 3-1. You have the right not to participate in any data gathering exercise if you so choose.

No height, weight, BSA, or lung capacity data will be identified in class by the individual.

Each data set will be recorded on a small sheet of paper. If you are volunteering as a subject to be measured, do not put your name on the sheet of paper, nor any identifying information. Only the measured quantities for each anonymous individual will be recorded. The class instructor will transfer the information onto a spread sheet that collects that information from all the participants, and then the original data slips will be destroyed.

Every student in the class has the right to decline to have their height and weight measured. The experiment will require both subjects to be measured and recorders of data. If you don’t want to be measured, you can record data from others. We would like as many people measured as possible, but we can use data from other lab sections to achieve that goal if necessary, so you should feel no pressure to volunteer to be measured if you don’t want to.

You will not be penalized nor consequenced in any way for choosing to not have your measurements taken.