Lab 2 Overview

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: Create and interpret different types of graphs.


Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between data sets better suited to line graphs and data sets better suited to bar graphs
  • Determine which variable in a data set is the independent variable and should be plotted on the X axis and which variable in the data set is the dependent variable and should be plotted on the Y axis.
  • Construct a well-designed graph that conveys the maximal amount of information about the data set with the maximal amount of visual impact.
  • Identify the main conclusions that can be drawn from the pattern of data in a graph.
  • Draw conclusions about relationships between variables based on correlation coefficients (r values) or based on coefficients of determination (r2 values).


Finger pushing go button.
Complete the following lab activities and exercises:
  • Reading: General Background
    • Exercises 2.1
  • Reading: Scatter Plots and Bar Graphs
    • Exercises 2.2
  • Reading: X Axis vs. Y Axis
    • Exercises 2.3
  • Reading: Principles of Good Graph Design
    • Exercises 2.4
  • Reading: Correlation and Causation
    • Exercises 2.5
  • Reading: Correlation Coefficients
    • Exercises 2.6
  • Reading: Interpreting Graphs
    • Exercises 2.7


Click on the links below to download the exercises for Lab 2 as either a Word file or as as PDF file.

Word file: A&P_Lab_Module_2Exercises

PDF file: A&P_Lab_Module_2Exercises

If you want a PDF file of the entire lab, it is available here: A&P_Lab_2_Graphing