Lab 4 Overview

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: Learn the basics of how to set up and operate a compound light microscope.

Learning Objectives

  • Set up a microscope to view slides properly, efficiently, and without damaging the microscope or slide
  • Apply concepts of resolving power, resolution, lens magnifying factor, and total magnification to images viewed under a microscope.
  • Understand how a microscope changes and distorts an image.
  • Convert a visual image from a slide into an accurate but simplified line drawing.


Finger pushing go button.

Let’s go.

Complete the following lab activities and exercises:
  • Reading: The parts of a compound microscope and how to handle them correctly
    • Exercises 4.1
  • Reading: Magnification and resolution
    • Exercises 4.2
  • Reading: Setting up a microscope and slide properly
    • Exercises 4.3
  • Reading: How the virtual image differs from the real image
    • Exercises 4.4
  • Reading: Making simple but accurate line drawings of magnified specimens
    • Exercises 4.5

Click here to download the exercises for this module as either a Word file or as a PDF file:



If you want a PDF file of the entire lab, it is available here: A&P Lab 4 – Microscopy I