Lab 7 Overview

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: Classify individual bones by different criteria and identify the bones of the appendicular skeleton.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify all the components of the thoracic cage and be able to orient the parts correctly into their anatomical arrangements.
  • Identify all the bones of the appendicular skeleton and know which key bone markings are unique to them.
  • Distinguish a male pelvis from a female pelvis based on their shapes.
  • Visually distinguish between bones of the left limbs and bones of the right limbs.


Finger pushing go button.

Let’s go.

Complete the following lab activities and exercises:
  • Reading: The thoracic cage – the ribs and sternum.
    • Exercises 7.1
  • Reading: The appendicular skeleton. The pectoral girdles
    • Exercises 7.2
  • Reading: The upper limbs.
    • Exercises 7.3
  • Reading: The pelvic girdle.
    • Exercises 7.4
  • Reading: The pelvis.
    • Exercises 7.5
  • Reading: The lower limbs.
    • Exercises 7.6

Click here to download the exercises for this module in MS Word format: A&P_Lab_Module_7_Exercises  

Click here to download the exercises for this module in PDF format: A&P_Lab_Module_7_Exercises