Discuss: Math Editor Practice (Blackboard)

You will need to become familiar with the use of the Math Editor in Blackboard. You may choose to use the Math Editor for some of your exam questions.

Use the Math Editor Practice forum in the Discussion Board to complete this assignment. Click on the Create Thread button to begin a new thread.

With this assignment, you will accomplish two things:

Let n = your age + number of the month of your birth. Determine the nth hexagonal number using the formula


Post your entire solution, including the original formula, in the discussion board using the math editor. Be sure to use proper fraction notation. Do not use / to represent the fraction bar. For example, if you are 25 and you were born in April, then n = 25 + 4 = 29 and the 29th hexagonal number is


This assignment is required and worth up to 10 points.

You are strongly encouraged to review & repeat this practice exercise before taking each of the exams, but no extra points will be awarded.