11. Journal Entries for Module 5

Journal entries- due by Oct. 26

Again, your minimum of six entries for this module can be open- topics you’ve already discussed or from lists I provided, or topics of interest to you. I’ve included a few more suggestions for you here:

Problems and Challenges

  1. Taking exams
  1. Something that irritates me or wastes my time
  1. Something I fear
  1. Being broke
  1. A time when I felt like an outsider
  1. Something I was discouraged from doing
  1. The worst job I have ever had
  1. A time I encountered prejudice
  1. A dilemma in my life that I have never completely resolved
  1. An important goal and my plans for achieving it


Grading summary

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Due date Thursday, 26 October 2017, 11:55 PM
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