9. Written Assignment, Process Essay

Due: Oct. 9

Essay #2- Process

Write a process essay, describing through a series of steps either how something is completed (a recipe, a craft, an activity) or how something works (a machine, an engine, rain).

The process should be a series of steps, in chronological order, in which you advise your audience how to complete the process or how the process works. You will be writing to an audience of novices, amateurs, beginners, so remember to provide details that they will understand.

Each paragraph should be a developed idea, an individual step. Use the following techniques (discussed earlier) to develop your paragraphs:

· Provide specific details (amounts, numbers, colors, types- concrete information).

· Define terms (assess your audience’s knowledge and provide information they need to complete the task).

· Include reasons (why should they do it your way?).

· Include don’ts (why shouldn’t they do it the easy way?).

· Mention possible pitfalls- things can go wrong.

The process essay needs a clearly defined introduction and a brief conclusion. Your opening should have a thesis statement that lets the reader know exactly what you are writing about, what your process is. Your conclusion should advise your reader to do the process or look for alternative or connecting ideas.

There is no word limit here, but your paper must have depth. The steps must be complete and easy enough for a beginner to understand. Remember that a rough draft (with obvious revisions) is necessary.

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