Submitting In-Class Essay #2

            Choose one of the following topics and write a well-developed essay. Remember to keep organization and coherence in mind, as well.
1.      Students preparing to enter college have some major choices to make. One of those is the kind of college they will be attending: a two-year community college or a four-year university.
What advantages do you see in attending a two-year school such as Clinton Community College?
2.      All students are expected to behave with academic honesty. In other words, they’re not expected to cheat on homework, tests or other assignments. And yet, of course, some students do cheat.
What do you feel should be the penalty for such an offense? Explain
3.      People in many parts of the world would be very grateful for the right to vote for their government leaders. In this country, though, only about half of those who can vote actually do, even in a presidential election.
Why do so many Americans not vote?
4.      A recent editorial in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican expressed concern that local residents are dumping garbage in public places, spoiling the beauty along highways, hiking trails and beaches in order to avoid paying landfill charges.
What remedies can you suggest for correcting the problem of irresponsible and illegal dumping in this beautiful area?
5.      Being a college student isn’t always easy, and, in fact, sometimes it’s a real challenge. However, being a college student also has its rewards.
Based on your experience, what would you say are the best aspects of being a student?

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