DISCUSS: Choices: Logos or Pathos?

It is important to understand that one persuasive goal may have numerous if not limitless ways that a speaker may try to convince, to motivate, and to inspire an audience to accept, to believe, and to take action on that goal.  A persuasive topic to convince people to wear seatbelts when driving/riding in a car results in hundreds of YouTube videos.  I’ve included supplemental links to two videos related to the persuasive goal of convincing us to wear seatbelt.  The YouTube video “Seatbelt Safety Montage” is a collection of real ads produced to address the need to “buckle up” when riding/driving a car.  The bottom line goal is the same for each ad.. to persuade viewers to wear a seatbelt.  Ad companies, just like speakers, make choices about content and emotional appeals  based on  target audience  and situational analysis.  To see my personal favorite ad persuading viewers to wear a seatbelt without any logos( no sources, statistics or even images of a real car or seat belt)..just effective pathos( emotional appeals), watch “Embrace Life” video.  Warning:  Have a tissue for tears ready!  Maybe it is effective for me because I am the target audience and you will not be moved.

Using the topic of preventing cyberbullying of college age students   Locate a persuasive video that has the bottom line to stop/to report. to prevent  cyber bullying of college age students.  Upload the link to the video in your initial post and provide evidence of choices  the speaker made in crafting this persuasive video.  Does your video selection focus on  stories, statistics, sources/experts or pathos were the focus is more on visuals and emotional appeals.  It is a serious topic..would humor ever be appropriate?   Is it possible to be too graphic and purposefully “gross out” an audience by showing horrific images? Can an ad or speech go too far in making a case?

Now that you are thinking about speaker choices, search for a stop/report/prevent video about cyber bullying of college age students and make your initial post in support of effective/ineffective choices when it comes to the use of logos/pathos.