DISCUSS: Differences Between Public Speaking and Everyday Conversation Delivery Choices

It would be awesome to receive three college credits for shooting the breeze with groups of family members and friends! However, college credit for Public Speaking requires something different. Using notes from your reading, make a connection to what is different between public speaking and everyday conversation around the kitchen table. I’ll start. Choices of delivery style are different. It would be unusual to prepare a manuscript to share a topic at the breakfast table. I drink a great deal of coffee early in the morning but nothing would prepare me for a child to stand up, push aside the cereal bowl, and take out a “word for word” manuscript of why we need a puppy. Everyday conversations are typically impromptu.

Now, provide your own example of a difference between public speaking and everyday conversation with family and friends. Use ideas /vocabulary from READ folder notes and textbook, post early in the discussion and reply to two classmates to receive a “5” point rating.