Home Stretch Instructions

Almost there! What a great semester!  At this point in our work together,  there remains only one required QUEUE ITEM to complete the course.

The Final Test for the class is not cumulative in terms of asking specific questions from required reading for the Midterm Test.  It is cummulative in that it will reflect your knowledge and understanding of the process of preparing and presenting an effective speech with specific focus on content and discussions in Module 4 and Module 5.   The questions will be in the same format as you experienced for the Midterm.  The study tools and resources for reviewing and preparing for the test remain available to you.   Again, I am not really teasing, have fun “showing what you know.”  Know you make me smile when I have this opportunity to see what you have learned in recent weeks in our class.

Remind yourself of what went well for the midterm and what you thought you would do differently in preparing the next time for a key test.  DO the test when you are ready.  The last action I take before your submitting your final course grade is to review any extra-effort you have made to be successful this semester and use that to guide me if a grade of “C+” can legitimately with justifiable rationale be “bumped up” to a “B-” final grade.  You will recall from “Course Information Documents” that I never look for a rationale to downgrade.  Points earned are points earned!  I will factor in your success in meeting deadlines, submitting all assignments, and your active, full participation in discussions.

That said, this is also the last opportunity to submit Extra Credit Listening Critiques.  The maximum number of Extra-Credit Listening Critiques is TWO.  Each one has a potential point value of 5 points each for a total of 10 points.  I only record points for the first two received, so there is no benefit to submitting more than two critiques following the same format/template used for REQUIRED LISTENING CRITIQUES. 

As we wrap up the course, I said at the beginning you may successfully complete the class, may even receive an “A” in Public Speaking and still  hate it at the end of the class.  But it would make me proud and feel our work together was worthwhile if, for the rest of your life, you are more mindful and appreciative of effective speakers you hear as an audience member.   Additionally, I will be proud, if when you are given an opportunity to speak in public, even if you hate it and still feel nervous, you know that you  can manage your nerves and be in control of communicating your message effectively to groups of people.  What a joy that is to think about as the teacher of this course!