Instructions: Introduction Speech Draft

The draft is intended to reflect your best effort and understanding of the assignment.  When you submit your draft is meant to be your final version. This is what you plan to present unless I guide you otherwise.  My feedback on your draft is the grade to expect on the evaluation of how effectively you have written the speech for presentation if you were not to change a thing about the draft.

For example, If you receive an “A” on the draft and deliver it based on the draft, you will receive an “A” on the writing of the speech when you present it to the class.  If you receive a “C” on the draft and do not revise it, anticipate receiving a “C” on writing when you present it.  However, if you receive a “C” or “D” on the draft and choose to make revisions based on my feedback, it is possible that you will receive an “A” or “B” on the writing of the speech when you present it.

Turning in a quality draft is key to knowing if the writing of your speech meets the requirements of the assignment.  It also should give you confidence that you are practicing a successful speech to present.  You always have permission to tweak/revise your draft to make it better!  Minor tweaking does not require additional drafts.  However, if you completely change direction.. the graded draft focused on your love of frogs and the speech given in class is about why you dream of becoming a nurse…  a draft of the nurse focus is required before  presenting the speech for evaluation.

Use correct identification information for the assignment.  Place on the left side of paper.

Your Name

COM101- 0_C (Insert your section number)


Introduction Speech Draft

Type the following headings as place markers in your draft:  Opening, Body, and Conclusion

Type draft in complete sentences.  May include stage directions if you plan to use technology/visual aids. For example:  (Place picture on docu-cam) or (cue music.)  Use stage directions if you wish to include non-verbal reminders.  For example: (Pause), (smile), or (breathe.)

Length: Typed, double-spaced. Regular font size/margins.. 1 to 2 pages. If you are asked to print a draft, select option to print on both sides.

Total Points: 10.  Point Distribution:

Attention-Getter Strategy- 2 points

Includes name in draft- 2 points

Focus is clear- 2 points

Developed details link to focus- 2 points

Strong closing line- 2 points