Persuasion Speech Topic Writing

Use the text below as a template for this assignment.  Complete each prompt with the thought that best reflects your plan for persuading the class on the topic of your choice.  Please write in complete sentences.  You may use  to assist you in putting your credible sources into MLA citation.  This is to confirm that you have credible sources to move forward.  By now, you know the importance of citing these sources orally in your speech draft and in your speech recording.  I’m looking forward to learning what you care about and what you feel is worthy of convincing, motivating, inspiring us about in your persuasion speech.



COM101: Persuasion Topic Planning

Using notes from the reading on Audience Analysis and Oral Citation of Sources in a speech, type your responses to the following.:

  • I plan to persuade members of this class to share my opinion that:
  • The reasons why this is important to me and why it should be important or of interest to the class are:
  • When my audience first hears my topic they are most likely to think/picture:
  • I anticipate my audience already knowing or being aware of the following related to my topic.
  • The following NEW information or approach to my topic  will surprise my classmates:

6. Here are two, MLA cited sources (use  I would use in my speech from CREDIBLE (experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy) people who have important information or life experience related to my topic:



7. At the end of my speech, classmates will be nudged on the persuasion continuum closer to agreeing with me that:

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words.  The following visual aids would enhance the emotional or motivational aspect of my topic and assist my class in understanding my topic: