Web Sites Overview

Learning Objectives

This section will help you develop your web pages.  Since online communication is more common and more popular than ever, you will be asked to compose written materials for this medium.

  • Write text that is very concise, but also informative
  • Develop pages that are visually stimulating
  • Develop web pages for a wide audience (since most are available publicly)
  • Get the most out of this medium for your message.


Written communication is a significant and an important aspect of technical writing. It is your responsibility as a technical writer to know the accepted structure and format of various types of methods of written communication in order to provide readers with clear and easy access to information.

This module focuses on designing websites, affording easy access to information and respecting cross-cultural audiences. 

Remember that audiences that view web pages generally want the equivalent of a sound byte in print; that is, they want the information quickly and they want the point of the article up front.  Websites rely heavily on visual cues (images, white space, bulleted items, text boxes, color and attractive fonts) for to get the messages across, but the language and structure of the writing must also be simple, brief, and crisp to keep the readers’ attention.