Module 4 Assessments

Course Assignment: Critical Thinking Assignment 4

This assignment aligns with Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 5, and 6.

Instructions : This assignment consists of 4 questions that are to be answered in a brief essay format. Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 40 points. Answers should be in your own words, a minimum of 5-7 well thought out and well constructed sentences, and demonstrate an understanding of the question/concept presented.

  1. Give 4 examples of sensory adaptation that you have experienced.
  2. Dana rides a skateboard. Identify at least 3 senses Dana will use while riding the skateboard and explain how they will be used.
  3. Erin is studying art and has to paint a picture of people on the beach or shore. What Gestalt principles will Erin use and how will they be used to create size, movement and depth in the painting.
  4. What sense organ do you think is the most predominant and important to your functioning and why? Give an example to explain your answer. (1)

Notes: Minimum of 5-7 well thought out and well constructed sentences demonstrating an understanding of the question/concept presented. Suggest that you submit writing to Online Tutoring-Smarthinking under Tools & Resources for proofreading before submitting the writing to SafeAssign. (1)

Submission: This assignment uses SafeAssign™ to check originality. The overall SafeAssign™ matching score on the Originality Report must be 15% or less. Assignments that result in the SafeAssign™ score greater than 15% receive no credit. To submit your file, choose the assignment link above. Use the “Browse My Computer” button in the Attach File area to attach your documents. Be sure to complete your submission by choosing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

Grading: The assignment is worth 60 points toward your final grade and will be graded using the Critical Thinking Rubric . Please use it as a guide toward successful completion of this assignment.

Midterm Exam

This exam aligns with Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Instructions: Click the link to access the exam. This exam is based on your assigned readings for Modules 1-4. You must complete all assigned readings and Discussion Board assignments before attempting to complete this exam. You have 120 minutes to complete this exam. You have two attempts for the exam and the highest score will be recorded. Questions are random. (1)

Grading: The exam is worth 120 points. It includes 60 questions (multiple choice). Each question is worth 2 points.