Module 7 Non-Western Art Mini-Lecture

I have been thinking over the last few years about the conflicts in so many of the regions in the world. Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Darfur; and now Syria, are just a few of the places where we have little understanding of their culture, and people. I find myself thinking that these people in countries with funny names like Darfur are different than us.

Somehow by making them different in my mind, I don’t have to feel their suffering quite so intensely.

Of course, I really want to feel the plight of these people, and see them as a member of our extended human family. I thought that maybe I could learn more about their lives, and their countries. And me being an artist, maybe I could study their art, making a connection that might tie us together in some slight way.

I propose that we all do a little research on non-western art.

As an example :

I found an unbelievable website devoted to the Indian Ocean Cultures, cataclysmic wave that hit there. Maybe we could add to these websites, and build a library of sites that have to do with arts in these far off lands.

The links below are a start, the countries of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Indian Island culture are three of the most impacted lands.

General Introduction to Indian Ocean Culture, The Art of Polynesia :


The Art of Melanesia

The world of Micronesia

The Arts of Asia

Japanese Art

Art of Southeast Asia    

Art of the Americas before WWI

Peruvian Textile and Crafts, The Paracas Textile

Native American Art

Transformation Mask