Module 9 Culminating Class Survey Learning Outcome

What is your favorite, greatest, most interesting work of art that you discovered this term?

What artworks have touched you most deeply during the the last fifteen weeks?

Student Learning outcome: Students will review the course in a final discussion forum. Students will share the aspects of the course that most contributed to their learning about the subject matter of the class, art appreciation.

Which artists have made works that give our lives more meaning, make the earth a richer place to inhabit?
What was it that got you?

How was the course? What were the good points about taking this course on-line?What was the best of times, the worst of times? How would you make the course better?
What was the most interesting topic of discussion throughout the course?Let it all hang out here,  I  want to get an honest discussion about the positives, and negatives about studying art online.

Compare this course to others that you have taken in college.

Would your experience in this course cause you to try another on-line course?

What suggestions do you have for me the next time I teach this on line class?

If you want to tell me something private : either to curse me out for not grading high enough, or to try your last chance at buttering me up for final grading , send me an email. 
Mr. S.