Module 8 Late Gothic and Renaissance Art Written Assignment

Written Assignment     The Northern Renaissance 

This is a research essay, about 350 words, more if you get going, Mr. S.

I want you to research one of the following two works of art by these influential artists connected to the Renaissance in Northern Europe.

  • The first work is called the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan Van Eyck, a Flemish artist in the medieval Belgium city of Ghent.

Step 1.

Read everything in the text about one of these works, and the artist who created them. You should include a brief bio, and a brief description of the place in which they lived.

Step 2.

Research your chosen work on the web, you may start with the sites that I have included below, but you have to include a minimum of one more site that you find on your own.

Jan Van Eyck


Step 3.

350 words


See Course Information Doc. on Footnotes

  • How does each artist portray his subject in a unique way?
  • Describe each work, what do you see in the picture?

Is there anything that really catches your eye in the picture?

  • What did you find out in your research?
  • What in the picture identifies the country of origin?

i.e. is there anything in the picture that connects it to the place of origin?