Module 2_Baroque Art_Supplemental Videos/Articles

Here are short videos that you can use in your research on Baroque Art. Most of them are found in the Lumen Learning text, although a few are found on different websites. 

They are supplemental, and you are not required to use them all to successfully complete the learning outcomes. 

Most of them are five  minutes long.

If any video links do not work, copy/paste the link in your browser. You may also search :

Khan Academy and the name of the artist.

Baroque in Italy

Bernini’s David

Bernini     “Ecstasy of St. Theresa”

Bernini     “St. Peter’s Square”

Bernini’s St. Peter’s Square

Caravaggio    “Calling of St. Mathew”

Caravaggio    “Conversion of St. Paul”

Caravaggio’s Influence on Baroque Art in Italy

Gentileschi      “Judith Beheading Holofernes”

Baroque in Flanders

Peter Paul Rubens  “Elevation of the Cross”

Rubens  “The Consequences of War”

Dutch Baroque

Rembrandt     “The Night Watch (Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq)”

Rembrandt    Etching “Three Crosses”

Baroque Dutch Painting

Rembrandt    “Self Portraits”

Vanitas Painting Explained

Johannes Vermeer   Woman With a Water Pitcher

Vermeer   “Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Jacob Van Ruisdael    “View of Haarlem”

Spanish Baroque     

Velasquez  “Las Meninas”

French Baroque

Nicolas Poussin   “Landscape With St. John”

Palace at Versailles  

George De La Tour     Christ in Carpenter’s Shop

Penitent Magdalen