Module 3 Neoclassical and Romantic Art_Discussion_Neoclassical Art, and Architecture in Europe and America

Learning Outcome_Be able to identify key works from Chapter 9, and 10 in the Lumen Learning Text. Have an understanding of key stylistic elements of Neoclassical, and Romantic Art, and Architecture

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Research the artists in the Lumen text Chapters 9, and 10.

While you are reviewing the content of this module, consider the following questions:

  • What are the key characteristics of the Rococo?
  • How did Neoclassicism develop?
  • What are some of the key characteristics of Neoclassical art?
  • Who are the key artists in the Neoclassical movement in Europe, and America?
  • Read the article below in the Lumen Text_Introduction to Neoclassical Art.
  • Neo-classicism is characterized by: clarity of form; sober colors; shallow space; strong horizontal and verticals that render that subject matter timeless, instead of temporal as in the dynamic Baroque works; and, Classical subject matter—or classicizing contemporary subject matter.
  • Here are just a few artists to research for this discussion:

François Boucher

Jacques-Louis David

Benjamin West 

John Singleton Copley

Gilbert Stuart      

 Theodore Gericault  Raft of Medusa

Ingres    Grande Odalisque

Delacroix  Liberty Leading the People

Goya  Third of May

Hudson River School_Romantic landscape painting in America