Module 8 Discussion Feminist Artists and the Body

The artists here are women who use their body as art. In politics and the “culture” wars, there is still no topic hotter than abortion rights. The right of a woman to have control of her body, and the freedom to choose her own destiny is seen by some as a basic human right.

In some societies, women are seen as property, and are totally subservient to men. They can’t vote, drive, or even go where they want without a man in control of their body.

They can’t dress, be educated, can’t live where they want, etc.

But they are all creating a dialogue about women, their bodies; and society.

Discuss their work, doing some research on all four. 

Look at the artists that I have outlined below:

Eva Hesse

Frida Kahlo

Cindy Sherman

Louis Bourgeois

The Guerilla Girls

LGBT art

The following artists are also very important to our understanding of feminist art. They are not required, but are supplemental to our understanding of feminist art.

Kara Walker

Kiki Smith

Aliza Shvarts


In this discussion forum, the class will research, and share with the class ideas exploring art and Feminist Identity.

Choose one of the artists that are listed in the module, or the Lumen Learning Text.

How does the specific artist deal with feminist identity?

What in their work affects your own thinking on feminist issues confronting our culture? 

Describe in detail your chosen artist’s art, and what works in the art of the previous modules, and the Lumen Learning Text, may have influenced their work. 

You are not required to see any specific website, or articles, and you may always rely on your own independent research.