Submit Your Compare/Contrast Essay (2nd/Final Draft)

I’m asking that you submit a 2-3 page (double spaced) Experience Essay in size 12 pt. font (preferably Times New Roman or Calibri)┬áthat accounts for comparing and contrasting something of significance but that is also somewhat personal in nature or is of personal interest to you. This is meant to be an updated version of your 1st draft, which should have already addressed the abovementioned idea.┬áThis will be your final draft, and you should account for the feedback that I gave you and that of your fellow students (from the peer exchange). This is the version that I will grade. You should also be able to see the rubric I will use to grade you below. I would also ask that you submit it as a Word document or a PDF so that I may open it in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader.