How you will be evaluated

There are three types of assignments that will be evaluated and graded:

1) Wiriting Lab Exercises (25%),

These exercises are designed for you individually and are described in each module.

2) Papers/ Essays (50%)

Your prewriting and drafting efforts will be part of your essays/papers.  The essays that you revise and edit to submit for course grades will constitute 50% of your final grade.

3) Discussion Forums (25%)

Just as with traditional face-to-face courses, you are expected to attend all classes and complete the assignments embedded in each learning module. This means that you must log on and complete some form of work (answer/ask questions, post responses, complete assignments,) at least three or four times a week. Please note, however, that logging on alone DOES NOT constitute attendance. Course related work must be completed each time you log on to count towards attendance.

The ungraded Icebreaker Module opens prior to the start of the course, and you should start on those activities as soon as possible.

The discussion forums for each learning module open on the start date and close on the end date. Discussion posts submitted after the end date will not be graded.
Submit your initial discussion posts during the first 3 days that the module is open.
Log-on and participate in the discussion forums on at least 4 different days.

I exercise the College’s Administrative Withdrawal/Failure Option for those students who fail to log on AND complete work as required. This option states that, “after students miss 20% or more of the scheduled sessions (log on requirements) for a class, instructors may withdraw them from the class by completing the Administrative Drop Form.”

Extra Credit / Make-up Work / Incomplete Grades

A requirement in this course is to discuss with other students and there is no substitute for this requirement. Also, there is no way to “go back” after a module has ended and “make-up” missed discussion activity, because there are no other students left to learn from your posts and discuss the content with you.

I do not accept “extra credit” or “alternative credit” assignments.

Finally, an incomplete in the course is not appropriate, as there is no way to complete the discussions once the course has ended and all of the other students are gone. In an extreme situation, such as your hospitalization, contact me as soon as possible to discuss emergency arrangements.














F=0 for an individual assignment or below 60 for final average

*** Remember my promise about F grades?  It is HARD to earn an F.  It means the assignment never existed–or it was stolen from someone else.

Grade Book:
Online courses have special features that allow you to see your progress 24/7. Access is through the “My Grades” link in the Course Menu (on the left)  or you can access the grade book through the “Report” tab.

Classroom Policies
Academic Disability Policy: Students with disabilities who are seeking academic accommodations should contact Leslie Cornish in the Services for Students with Disabilities Office.  The SSD Office is in room 115 of the Academic Support Center which is located in the Ronald F. Williams Library Building.  The phone number is 866-0300 X 8331, or email

Academic Dishonesty Policy: Academic dishonesty is defined as inappropriately assisting another student or receiving inappropriate assistance from any un-cited source or person. All assistance is considered inappropriate unless it is a specific requirement of an assignment. (Appropriate assistance includes providing information or answers to questions posted in class or group discussion forums.)  Confirmed plagiarism or other forms of cheating will be subject to the following penalties:
First occurrence: The grade of “0” on the assignment.
Second occurrence: Course failure