The “Course Information” documents in this section describe the course requirements and policies: Overview, Course Reading and Materials, Course Schedule, etc.. Read all of these documents carefully. If you have any questions, ask in an email to me, and I will get right back to you with a clarification. After reading through all of the Course Information documents you should have a clear picture of my expectations for the course. Feel free to print any of the documents if you are more comfortable with hard copies.

The Learning Modules can be accessed by clicking on the Learning Modules tab at the left of the screen. The Learning Modules contain the content, assignments, and learning activities for the course. This part of the course is where you will “attend class” on a regular basis. You should log on and participate as often as you can – but not less than four times per module. The Course Schedule document lists the start and end dates for the discussion forums in each module, and also lists the dates when you must complete Essays/Papers and your Writing Lab work..
Notice: If something in the course seems odd, or if you are not clear what you are expected to do, contact me.

1.  Good News

We have the same goal for this semester–we both want you to successfully complete this class. In fact, it will be pretty hard for you to get an “F”–you will have to do NO work, vanish from the class, or rarely complete assignments.  If you make reasonable efforts to do the work and ask for help from me and the Academic Support Center or tutoring service, you will not fail this class!

2. MORE Good News

You will not be writing alone. I will not ask you to do any writing assignment that I have not done, and I will post many of them publicly, sometimes asking for your reaction. You will find out which parts of the writing process are difficult and which parts are easy and actually fun. 

3.  REALLY Good News 

 You have just saved $ by enrolling in this writing section. How, you ask? In addition to the embedded videos and information provided within each module, we will be using a free online text for our class. You will also have access to a free MLA/APA Style Guide for research, and free grammar and usage exercises with explanatory information. SO–you have nothing to buy.