How Your Grade is Determined

Your final grade will be determined as follows:

  • 50% – Assignments
  • 40% – First Year Seminar Blog Entries
  • 10%  – Module 1 Discussion

Grading Scale:  Final grades will be reflected using the following grid:

A+ 97 – 100
A 93 – 96
A- 90 – 92
B+ 87 – 89
B 83 – 86
B- 80 – 82
C+ 77 – 79
C 73 – 76
C- 70 – 72
D+ 67 – 69
D 63 – 66
D- 60 – 62
F 0 – 59


Attendance:   Students are expected to log in and participate at least three times in each module.

Assignments: These are assignments (essay in nature) which are contained within each module.  The assignments are due by 11:55 pm on the closing date of each module.  Late assignments will not be accepted or graded. This area of the course is worth 50% of the student’s overall grade.

First Year Student Seminar Blog: Recent research in adult education has revealed that adult students remember best the knowledge that they can personally relate to, and find relevant to their own experiences. Toward this end, you are asked to post at least one blog entry for each module.  You will be reflecting on what you have learned within the module and how it applies to your experiences.This area of the course is worth 40% of the student’s overall grade.

Module 1 Discussion:  Students are expected to participate in the Module 1 discussion forum by introducing themselves to the class and responding to other students in the class. This area of the course is worth 10% of the student’s overall grade.