How Your Course Grade is Determined

How you are evaluated:

Category Name Course Value Number of Assignments
Chapter Discussions 60% 14 Chapter Discussion Forums
Website Assignments 20% 5 Reviews / 5 Discussion Forums
Knowledge Audits 20% 5 Reflective Blogs / 5 forums

Grading Scale:  Here are the cutoffs for course grades:
A+ = 98, A = 92, A- = 90
B+ = 88, B = 82, B- = 80
C+ = 78, C = 72, C- = 70
D+ = 68, D = 62, D- = 60
F = 0-59

Grade Book:

Online courses have special features that allow you to see your progress 24/7. Access is through the “My Grades” link on the course homepage.

Attendance Policy:

If your goal is to earn an “A” in this course, you will need to logon and participate a minimum of 6 times in each graded discussion forum.

How much time will you spend on this course – and how often should you log on?

Expect to spend a total of about between 120 – 150 hours on this course – which includes textbook reading, online website research, report writing and online discussion. I expect you to log-on and actively participate in each online discussion on a minimum of six different days. To achieve an “A” or in this course, you need to submit 10 high quality posts to each discussion forum. Note: if you wait until the final day or two to submit your discussion posts, your grade will be penalized.