Final course evaluation

I will use both qualitative and quantitative evaluation in all courses and learning activities. The qualitative evaluation is represented by my comments to your assignments and discussions. The quantitative evaluation is represented through grades that follow the conventional letter system, and they are based on specific criteria for the course and each learning activity in the course. This page summarizes what you need to know about both the qualitative and quantitative evaluations in this course. You may want to print it for future reference.  


Final course evaluation


Final course evaluation will be based on the following percentage weight of each type of Learning Activity:

Written Assignments 24%
Chapter Discussions 24%
Module Recaps 10%
Module Exams 15%
Term Paper 27%
Total 100%


90-100 = A- or A

80 – 89 = B-, B or B+

70 – 79 = C-, C or C+

60 – 69 = D-, D or D+

59 and under = F

My Grades

This course has special features that allows you to see your progress at every moment. Access is through My Grades in the left hand side bar of this course.