Course Organization


 Official course description: This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the six classifications of nutrients and their role in the body.  Students should exit this course with a better understanding of the basic concepts underlying diet and nutrition throughout the life span.  Students should also be prepared to implement the nutrition concepts learned into their daily life.  Food safety, technology, and world food problems are also discussed in this course.
 Credits:  3
 Course prerequisites:  None

This course is fully online. This course is divided into six scheduled modules, a course syllabus,  an ice breaking module, and a course survey section. Each scheduled module may include readings, discussion, quizzes, and written assignments.

Module 1: Nutrition Basics & Macronutrient Structures
Module 2: Macronutrient Digestion, Uptake, Absorption, and Transport; and Common Digestive Problems
Module 3: Macronutrient Metabolism and Integration
Module 4: Micronutrient Overview, Antioxidants, and Macronutrient Metabolism to Micronutrients
Module 5: One-Carbon Metabolism Micronutrients; Blood, Bones, and Teeth Micronutrients; Electrolytes and DRIs

Module 6: Term Research Project