Cooperative Education Student’s Self-Evaluation Worksheet

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Date of Self-Evaluation:_____________________________________________________

Student Name:__________________________________________________________________

Last                                                  First                                                  MI.

Curriculum Program:____________________________________________________________

Course number ______________ Section ______    Semester:_____________


Supervisor ____________________________________________________________________

Employer Address ______________________________________________________________

Faculty Coordinator _____________________________________________________________


Please evaluate your progress during your co-op work assignment. This information will be used to evaluate the position. It is for college’s Faculty Internship Coordinator use only and will not be seen by employers.

  1. Student Intern Job Title:________________________________________________________
  1. Describe in detail your duties as a student intern with this employer. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Explain how you succeeded in meeting your Measurable Learning Objectives. Be specific. Use additional pages if required.

Objective #1

Objective #2

Objective #3



  1. Identify areas of significant job-related learning not included in the objectives. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Describe any significant positive or negative experiences that helped you learn during your coordinated internship work assignment. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Explain how your coordinated internship work assignment has helped in your efforts to accomplish your career goals. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Describe ways that your supervisor contributed to your learning and professional growth. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Describe the training that was available. Use additional pages if required.


  1. Describe any feedback from your employer concerning your performance on the job.


  1. Would you accept a position with this employer after graduation?

___ Very Likely ___ Likely ___ Uncertain ___ Not Likely

Please explain:


  1. Would you recommend this position for other coordinated internship students? __ Yes __ No

Please explain:


__________________________________________________________   _______________

Student Signature                                                                                                     Date

__________________________________________________________    _______________

Faculty Coordinator Signature                                                                                Date