Lab Manual

University Physics I

Download the Word Document Laboratory Manual file here

Instructions for Presenting Laboratory Results

All numerical values either directly measured or based on measurements must be reported with an appropriate uncertainty and unit. For example:

Carefully note that:

  • The uncertainty has no more than 2 significant digits
  • The decimal place of the uncertainty is consistent with the decimal place of the value
  • The uncertainty and value are raised to the same power-of-ten, preferably a multiple of 3

In order to determine the uncertainties associated with best-fit parameters, most graphs will need to be constructed using LoggerPro. Use the file “Graphing” in the PHY 262 M-drive folder to construct graphs.

Carefully note that:

  • Axes are labeled by variable name and unit
  • Data points are not connected and may display appropriate error bars
  • The best fit parameters are clearly displayed with uncertainties

Laboratory reports that do not comply with these instructions may not be accepted.