Social and Political Philosophy – Assessments

6.1 The Individual and Society Submission

The Enlightenment-era philosophers we have met claim to imagine humans in a “state of nature” that is prior to socialization. Do you think a pre-social conception of human nature is possible? Why or why not? And if this is possible, would it be a useful starting position for understanding the individuals’ best interests in defining a relationship with a governing body? Why or why not?

6.1 The Individual and Society Discussion

Why, according to Rawls, should talented and hard-working poor children have the same chances of success as rich children? Do you agree with him? Do you believe that taxing the rich to pay what it costs to provide equal educational opportunity for all is required as a matter of justice?

6.2 Philosophical Roots of Modern Government Discussion

Recall the concept of “free will” and the corresponding idea of determinism from the Metaphysics unit. Given the principle of causality, do you think that personal liberty is possible? If so, in what way?

6.2 Philosophical Roots of Modern Government Submission

Describe an aspect of our socio-economic environment that is based on an ideal of liberalism and explain your reasons. Then describe another aspect that corresponds with a value of socialism, and explain your reasoning. (100-150 words)