Module Seven – Reading

During this module, you’ll once again select a reading from a strand that interests you.

Step 1 – Choose Your Strand, Then Read

The readings for this course fit three strands, and each strand presents readings with a specific theme.

You choose which strand to read. You are welcome to choose the same strand you selected in previous units or you can choose a different strand. Read the reading in that strand.

Strand A: The Power of One

Strand B: Live Deliberately

Strand C: Identity Shifts

Step 3 – Discussions

After you complete the readings, participate in the following discussions:

Discussion 7A – Context Research

For this discussion post, you will choose one of the readings in this unit and conduct research into the author. Please respond to the following questions:

  1. When did the author write this piece? How old were they? What stage in their career had they reached? Be sure to quote from and cite your source in your response.
  2. Where was the piece originally published? Describe the original publication of this piece. Be sure to quote from and cite your source in your response.
  3. Does the piece relate to the author’s personal experience? Does it relate to the social or political environment at the time? What is the context of the original publication of this story? Be sure to quote from and cite your source in your response.

Discussion 7B – It’s All About Culture

Each of the readings presents aspects of culture. Which of these cultural elements are interesting to you? Which might you want to explore more in your research and research essay? Take another look at the Research Essay Prompts (on the Research Essay Requirements page) and think about which aspects of culture that were presented in your reading might be something you’d want to consider in your paper.