Concepts Quiz

In a Word document, number your paper 1 – 12 for the terms. Opposite each number, match the statement that best describes the term. Place your name at the bottom of the page following the number 12. (THIS ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 12 POINTS)


1. Backstage view

2. Columns

3. Workbook

4. Groups

5. Dialog Box Launcher

6. Quick Access Toolbar

7. Document Window

8. Formula Bar

9. Worksheet window

10. Range

11. Rows

12. Zoom slider


a. Selected data. For example, selecting B1 to G8

b. When clicking this feature a pull down menu appears

c. To better view a portion of your worksheet, this increases the font size without actually changing the font.

d. This object can contain up to 255 worksheets.

e. This contains a grid of a possible 1,049,576 rows.

f. These are vertical parts of a spreadsheet

g. Always the number in the cell reference.

h. When a specific tab key is chosen, the resulting ribbon is divided into what?

i. The intersection of a row and a column is called this.

j. When formulas are inserted, they display in the cell and also in what other place?

k. The result of pressing the file key and seeing a display of tasks such as Open, Save, Print

l. This item is located in the upper right corner of the screen