Ford Sales Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to:

1. Finish compiling a report

2. Apply centering title

3. Create two simple column charts

4. Make changes to those charts

5. Apply Currency to specific rows

Preparation: (Review of Terms)

  • SUM and AVE function
  • Merge and Center titles
  • Apply Currency to specific rows
  • Adjust column width
  • Change a legend
  • Create a Pie Chart
  • Create a 3D Cluster Column Chart

New Terms: (Terms bolded in the steps)

  • Chart Elements: Horizontal Axis Title (Step #13, Page 2 )
  • Select two columns that are not adjacent to each other. (Step #15, Page 2)
  • Changing Chart Style (Step #16, Page 2)


This assignment is much shorter Working with a Pie Chart, other attributes are introduced to show the versatility of charts. (THIS ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 20 POINTS. THE RUBRIC IS ON PAGE 3.)


1. Open Ford Motor Company spreadsheet and save it as Ford Sales.

2. Center the title, bold it and increase the size to 18 pt.

3. Center the subtitle, bold it and increase the size to 14 pt.

4. Bold all the Quarter headers and the makes of each Ford car.

5. Adjust the columns to see all the information.

6. Bold the word TOTAL in column A.

7. Complete the worksheet using formulas for the totals and average.

8. Insert dollar signs with two decimal places on all totals and averages, but not on the individual quarter sales.

9. Enter your name in cell A25.

10. Create a 3-D Clustered Column chart showing the quarterly sales for each car by selecting cells A3 – E7 to include the car names and the quarter headings.[Hint- Insert tab, Charts group, Column drop-down list, 3-D Clustered Column]

11. Move and size the chart to display in cells A10 – A23

12. Change the position of the Legend to the top. [Hint, Chart Tools, Design, Add Chart Elements, Legend]

13. Add Chart Elements: Horizontal Axis Title to state Sales By Ford.

14. Add a Title: Ford Motor Company.

15. Select two columns that are not adjacent to each other

  • Select A4 to A7. Hold down the CTRL key and select G4-G7. Two separate columns are selected.
  • Select 3-D Pie.

16. Changing a chart style. From the Chart Tools, Select Design and view the Chart Styles. Choose the third option that will have percentages on the wedges. (See example below)

17. Move this chart to about F10- F23.

18. Change orientation to Landscape.

19. Again save your work as Ford Sales.

20. Submit through Blackboard.

21. If not on Blackboard, follow instructor’s submitting directions.

Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all the tasks.