Overview Week 4

Week 4 introduces Charts and the IF AND functions. There are three assignments and three reading assignments.

Starting with Charts, you will be introduced to all the different possible charts and elements of these charts. Charts are very useful to express important aspects of a table. After you understand the purposes of charts there will be two assignments that apply the techniques of developing charts.

The second part of this week’s work is to understand two new functions. One is called the IF function (If one of two statements is correct, a positive response will be given.). The other is called AND function (given two logical questions, both must be true to return a positive response.) The assignment applies both functions in the same problem.

Learning Outcomes: The student will:

  • Understand what data to select when creating a chart.
  • Create bar, column and pie charts
  • Understand the vocabulary of charts.
  • Understand the difference between IF and AND functions
  • Understand the use of argument boxes.


1. Information for Spreadsheet Charts. The different charts are described as well as some of the new vocabulary used in creating charts.

2. Software Usage Assignment. This assignment has you putting three different charts on one page. (20 points)

3. Ford Sales Assignment. This assignment reinforces using charts and emphases Pie Charts. (20 points)

4. And function for Spreadsheet Information. This information explains the use of the AND function and provides an illustration that allows you to practice the concept.

5. IF function for Spreadsheet Information. This information explains the use of the IF function and provides and illustration that allows you to practice the concept.

6. East End Building Materials Assignment. This assignment helps you apply the IF and AND function to an actual situation. (20 points)

Submitting your Work:

1. When completing each task, make sure to save your document to the desktop or your personal storage unit (memory stick, jump drive, etc.)

2. Click on the underlined word(s) at the top of each assignment. An “email-like” format appears with the number of points possible in the upper left corner.

3. Find a box “Browse My Computer.” Click on that and find your saved document.

4. Click Submit.

5. For additional help, please see the EXTRA HELP folder in the CONTENT area called “How to Submit Your Work.