Sales Tax Calculation Assignment

The purpose of his assignment is to:

Apply Absolute Referencing in a spreadsheet problem

Preparation: (Items to review from previous lessons)

  • Entering data in cells
  • Applying attributes (bold, underline)
  • AutoSum

New Terms:

  • Absolute Referencing


Understanding how to calculate using absolute referencing saves a great deal of time in inserting formulas. (THIS ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 20 POINTS. THE RUBRIC IS ON PAGE 2)

  1. Start a new spreadsheet
  2. Put your name in cell A1
  3. In cell A2, put the title: Accrue Sales Tax, and center it over the table.
  4. In cell G1 put the words Tax Rate
  5. In cell H1 put in 0.8612
  6. In cell B4 put in the heading Sales, and bold it.
  7. In cell C4 put the heading Sales Tax, and bold it
  8. In cell A5:A10 put in the words STORE 1 to STORE 6
  9. In cell A11 put in the word Total and bold it.
  10. In cells B5:B10 put in some sales amounts that are over between 40,000 to 100,000. Put different totals after each store.
  11. Absolute Referencing. (Be sure to have read Relative Referencing vs. Absolute Referencing) Starting in C5 insert a formula that uses the absolute reference of H1 and multiplies that to the total sales figure.
  12. In cell B11, sum column B. and sum Column C.
  13. Save the document as Sales Calculation
  14. Submit your document through Blackboard print at your instructor’s suggestion.

Check the Rubric below to be sure you have completed all tasks.