Course Rubrics


All communications for this class should be professional in language, punctuation and spelling. You should not include abbreviations, texting, or foul language.

Click here to download the class introductions discussion rubric


Lab Handouts may be completed as an individual or a group assignment. Directions and rubrics are included below:

All Assignments:

  • Handouts should be neat, with all calculations and answers shown with correct significant figures and units.
  • Students should have the handouts (pre-lab question (with signature indicating it was completed on time), data section, and post-lab questions at the beginning of the lab and stapled in order).
  • There is no need to include the reading or procedure sections–only the gradeable sections.
  • Please read over the rubric carefully as you complete your assignment.


  • Completing the assignment as a group is optional.  Opting out of a group may be done at any time, but the individual will not be eligible for any point advantages during the semester.
  • A new leader will be in charge of the assignment each week.  The group leader’s name should be listed first.  All members are expected to be a member of at least 2 labs throughout the semester.
  • All students are expected to participate and look over the lab handout before it is turned in.
  • Group disagreements should be settled among group members.  Complaints and/or disagreements should not be brought to the instructor as it is optional to participate in this activity.
  • To promote group participation, all group members who score an average of 70% or better on cumulative quizzes will be given 10 bonus points on the cumulative quizzes and the lab final.

Click here to download the lab report sheet (group assignment) rubric


  • Completing the assignment as an individual may be done at any time, however; individuals completing the assignment will not be possible to gain the 10 point advantage on the final lab exam or cumulative quizzes.

Click here to download the individual lab report sheet rubric

Formal Lab Write-Up

Click here to download the formal lab write-up rubric.