Cumulative Quiz Study Guide

As you prepare for the (closed-note) quiz in lab next week, look over the following study guide. Questions will come from the labs as indicated but should encompass the overall concept of the lab.

Safety and General Lab Practices

  • Explain general laboratory practices related to safety, container labeling, chemical disposal and insttrument opperation.

Dimensional Analysis Lab

  • Define and memorize the conversion factors between base units and units containing (centi, milli, micro, and kilo) prefixes
  • Calculate a problem similar to any of the post-lab questions
  • Report answers in scientific notation.
  • Report answers to the correct number of significant figures.

Density of Sucrose Solution Lab

  • Define and calculate percent error.
  • Answer questions similar to pre-lab questions 3-4.
  • Determine how specific lab errors could contribute to the density calculation.
  • Calculate the density of a solution.
  • Use the density of a solution to determine the grams of solute present in a solution.

Percent Composition Lab

  • Define and calculate percent composition of an element in a compound..
  • Answer questions similar to prelab question 3, postlab question 1,2 or 4.
  • Use data to determine the mol ratio of metal to H2.
  • Use lab data to calculate molar mass of an unknown metal.

Reactions of Calcium

  • Use reaction stoichiometry to calculate quantities in chemical reactions.
  • Balance chemical equations.
  • Answer questions similar to pre-lab 1-2, post-lab 1-2.