Lab 2 Materials


Photo of needed materials for lab
  • Student tray containing the following:
    • 1-50ml beaker
    • 1-100ml beaker
    • 1-150ml beaker
    • 1-10ml graduated cylinder
    • 1 stir rod
    • 1 spatula
    • 1 Plastic pipet
    • 1 container of sucrose
    • 1 DI water bottle
    • Thermometer
  • Student balance

Safety and Notes

  • Goggles for this and ALL labs must be worn whenever any lab group is using chemicals
  • The water used in the lab should be D.I. water not tap water.
  • MSDS for sucrose is to be reviewed before class.
  • Use all proper protective gear to include goggles, aprons, and gloves.
  • All waste may be disposed of in the back hood. Use the container labeled “CHM 111 Waste.”
  • Label ALL glassware with your name, date, chemicals and concentration according to TCC policy.
  • Return all materials to trays and drawers in a clean orderly condition for the next class.