Lab 4 Materials


  • Student tray containing the following:
    • 3 test tubes (1 small for Part A, 2 large for Part C)
    • 1-10 mL graduated cylinder
    • 1-250 mL beaker
    • 1-400 mL beaker (labeled “Waste”)
    • 2.5M NaOH (~10 mL needed per group)
    • 5.0M HCl (50 ml needed per group)
    • Methyl orange indicator
    • Calcium turnings
    • DI Water
    • Beaker with disposable items: pipettes, scoopula, small weigh boat, Parafilm
    • Container of glassware soap and a brush
    • Label tape
    • Litmus Paper
    • White paper
    • Test Tube rack OR large beaker
  • Balance

Safety and Notes

*It is important to follow the safety guidelines below while performing this lab.

  • Always review MSDS (Safety Data Sheet) information for all chemicals you will be working with before coming to class.
  • Sodium hydroxide is caustic. If it gets on your skin, flush with copious amounts of water and inform your instructor.
  • HCl is a strong acid. If you get any on your skin flush the area immediately with water and inform your instructor.
  • All chemicals must be capped tightly when not in use.
  • Use appropriate equipment to handle acids, bases, and wear safety equipment.
  • Make sure you properly label (chemical name, concentration, date prepared & initials of preparer) all prepared solutions with labeling tape and sharpie even if you will be disposing of solutions.
  • Do not stand directly over any reaction. Do not inhale any vapors released from reactions.
  • All waste may be disposed of in container labeled “Chem 111 Waste.”
  • Return all materials to trays and drawers in a clean orderly condition for the next class.