Lab 5 Materials


Student tray containing the following:

Picture of materials needed for this lab
  • 2-250ml beaker
  • 1-10ml graduated cylinder
  • 1-25ml graduated cylinder
  • 1-100ml graduated cylinder
  • 1-tongs
  • 1 stir rod
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 container of 6M HCl w/pipet
  • 1 container of Methanol w/pipet
  • 1 container of CuCl2 2 H2O
  • 1 container of Al
  • Beaker labeled ACID WASTE
  • 1 DI water bottle
  • Weigh boats
  • Beaker of disposable supplies
  • Tweezers

Student balance

Safety and Notes

  • Review MSDS information on all chemicals before coming to class.
  • Reactions should be done under hood.
  • HCl is corrosive; please use protective gear and caution. If you get it on your skin, flush with copious amounts of water and inform your instructor.
  • Methanol is flammable. Keep away from heat sources.
  • All waste should be ultimately disposed of in the container labeled CHM 111 WASTE in the back hood.
  • Remember to clean up any spills, wash glassware and return all items to proper trays.
  • Do not touch metals with hands.
  • Use proper labeling techniques.