Assignment: Experiment at home

This assignment will have you explore the properties of gas in your own home.

You will need some containers to hold air.

This module focused on the ideal gas law- summarized in equation form as PV=nRT.

  • 1) Briefly explain each of the five letters in the ideal gas law. Use one sentence to describe each of them.
  • 2) Based on the ideal gas law and our personal experience, we can make educated hypotheses about the behavior of gas, but some of these may seem counterintuitive. Think about your hypotheses as you design experiments to demonstrate the properties of gases.
  • 3) Please document (ie take a picture or video) of each variable in the ideal gas law changing. For example: to change T, I could put a blown up balloon in the freezer and document the change.
    1. P
    2. V
    3. N
    4. T
  • 4) Then include how your change affected the other gas law variables, based on your observation and your knowledge of the ideal gas law.
    1. For example, after putting a plastic bag full of air in the freezer, I noticed a change in….