Assignment: Nuclear Chemistry


  1. Write the nuclide notation, including charge if applicable, for atoms with the following characteristics:

(a) 25 protons, 21 neutrons, 24 electrons

(b) 45 protons, 24 neutrons, 43 electrons

(c) 53 protons, 89 neutrons, 54 electrons

(d) 97 protons, 141 neutrons, 97 electrons

2.What species produces Cr-53 when it undergoes beta decay?

3.Write an equation for the radioactive decay of fluorine-17 by positron emission.

4.Fill in the table characterizing types of radiation.

Alpha Beta Gamma
Damage to human body

5. Plutonium-238 is an α emitter and a compact heat source. Coupled with a PbTe thermoelectric device, it was once used as a very reliable electrical energy source for cardiac pacemakers. What is the product of the radioactive decay of plutonium-238?

6. Which of the following nuclei lie within the band of stability shown in Section 1?

(a) argon-39

(b) oxygen-16

(c) 132Ba

(d) 58Cd

(e) 205Tl

(f) 210Tl

(g) 226Ra

(h) magnesium-24

7.What equation is used to calculate the energy that comes from both fission and fusion? Define all terms in the equation.

8. 63Zn is unstable and radioactive. Is its neutron to proton ratio too high or too low? Which process could lead to stability?

9. Iodine-131 is used to treat disease. Predict what kind of decay it will undergo, and write out its path of decay.

10. Describe the decay of Fr-220.

a) Write the balanced nuclear equation.

b) calculate the half life using the appendix.

c) If you start with 75 g of Fr-220, how much is left after 2 mins?