Discussion: Thermodynamics Terms

In the text, there are often bolded words, indicating that those words are key terms or crucial concepts. This module uses a lot of terms that might not be familiar. Even more confusingly, sometimes chemistry uses what is thought to be a common term, but it really means something very different and specific in a chemistry context. For this discussion, pick two of the following terms and write a chemistry definition that makes sense to you.

  • entropy ( [latex]S[/latex] )
  • Gibbs free energy change ( [latex]G[/latex] )
  • microstate
  • standard entropy ( [latex]S^{\circ}[/latex] )
  • second law of thermodynamics
  • third law of thermodynamics

Now respond to one of your classmates definitions that resonates with you and explain why you think it’s a clear and accurate definition.