College Algebra – Stitz/ Zeager 3rd Edition (pdf text)

Content Overview

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Lumen OHM Questions?  X – for chapters 1-5, 7-15
Editable Text?  If you know LaTex  X – access here
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Course Description:

This course is delivered in Lumen OHM with automated grading of numerical and algebraic answers, similar to WebAssign and MyMathLab. This makes it appropriate for self-study by students, or as a face to face course. This course can be imported into your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle) to provide a single-sign on experience for your students, as well as grade return for  you.

This course covers material traditionally taught in either Precalculus I or College Algebra courses. Specific topics include a review of fundamental algebra skills, followed by an introduction to relations and functions. Four chapters of the text focus on the study of specific functions, their graphs, intercepts, and transformations. Linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions are included in this study.  Additionally modeling with functions and attention to using technology to explore specific characteristics of functions are addressed. The last three chapters of the text focus on conics, systems of equations and sequences.



The text for College Algebra was written by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager.  This text is a favorite amongst post-secondary math instructors based on it’s elegant delivery of mathematical topics delivered with a twist of humor.

While the authors would like nothing more than to delve quickly and deeply into the sheer excitement that is Precalculus, experience has taught us that a brief refresher on some basic notions is welcome, if not completely necessary, at this stage.

Topic Overview

This course is delivered in 9 chapters including the following topics:


Module 1: Relations and Functions

  • Sets, relations, functions and function notation
  • Function arithmetic, graphs of functions, and transformations

Module 2: Linear and Quadratic Functions

  • Linear, quadratic, and absolute value functions
  • Inequalities, regression

Module 3: Polynomial Functions

  • Graphs of polynomial functions, the factor theorem and real zeros
  • Complex zeros, the fundamental theorem of algebra

Module 4: Rational Functions

  • Rational functions, equations, inequalities and applications

Module 5: Further Topics in Functions

  • Compositions of functions, inverse functions
  • Square root function, transformations of the graph of the square root function
  • Solving radical equations

Module 6: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

  • Properties of logarithms
  • Exponential and logarithmic equations and inequalities
  • Applications of exponential and logarithmic Functions

Module 7: Hooked on Conics

  • Circles, parabolas, ellipses, hyperbolas

Module 8: Systems of Equations and Matrices

  • Gaussian elimination
  • Augmented matrices, matrix arithmetic, inverses
  • Determinant’s and Cramer’s rule
  • Partial fraction decomposition
  • Systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities

Module 9: Sequences and the Binomial Theorem

  • Introduction to sequences, summation notation
  • Mathematical induction
  • The binomial theorem


Length: One Semester

Delivery: This course contains content that could be delivered as an online course, or face to face.

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Each module in the course contains several sections that include a passage of text, video lessons, and algorithmic assessment sets.

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