Module 12 Discussion: Grammar Book Assignment

For this assignment, you will create a grammar “story” or book designed to explain one of the grammar concepts presented in this module. You may have heard of “ELI5” (Explain it Like I’m Five) examples that attempt to explain difficult concepts in the most basic way—that’s almost the level we are aiming for, but perhaps with a little bit more detail.

STEP 1: You will make a six to ten-slide presentation or video recording using PPT, Google Slides, Prezi, YouTube, or a similar presentation or video software, that explains one of the grammar concepts from this module (nouns, pronouns, verbs, subject-verb agreement, non-finite verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, articles, phrases, clauses, or some other specific aspect of grammar introduced in this module). You are encouraged to be creative. It could be written as a story, poem, song, or rap and presented in any way you find to be fun and educational, so long as you meet the minimum requirements.

  • The presentation must explain the term or concept and give at least 3 examples of correct uses of that concept.
  • There should also be at least one reference of how NOT to use that term or concept.
  • There should be images (at least 5).
  • All sources should be cited in MLA.

STEP 2: Post the link to your finished story to the discussion forum. Add in a paragraph about what you learned and are most proud of in your assignment.

STEP 3: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words). Explicitly address their stories and try to extend, complicate, or redirect their points in a substantive, knowledge-demonstrating way.


Sample Grading Rubric
Criteria Proficient Developing Not Evident Points
Grammar Concept and Examples Correctly identifies a punctuation or grammar concept from the module and explains it in the presentation. There are three good examples and at least one bad example of the concept on the poster. Does not correctly identify or describe the punctuation or grammar concept. Examples are off or incomplete. Does not appropriately give examples of the punctuation concept. __/8
Visual Presentation Presentation is interesting and informative; includes at least five images.  Includes MLA citations or attributions for images. Some use of visuals to display information, but layout is confusing or without clear connections. May not include two visuals or citations. No attempt at presenting information in a creative manner. Project lacks visual cohesion. __/8
Discussion Posts personal story to the forum and comments on at least two classmate’s stories. Posts story; offers incomplete responses to classmate. Does not comment on another post. __/4
Total: __/20