Introduction to Organizing

What you’ll learn to do: analyze essay organizational techniques

"Organize": bullet list: Thesis, development, body, introduction, conclusion.

In the article “The Advantages of Organizational Skills” by Alexis Writing lists several virtues of being organized. The article is actually referring to small business ownership, but the same advantages absolutely apply when considering organization as a principle of the writing process:

  • Efficiency
  • Tracking Progress
  • Better Management Skills
  • Instilling Trust
  • Reduced Stress[1]

Let’s consider each of these virtues in closer detail:

  • Efficiency. Mapping out a plan for essay development requires some up-front time, but pays huge dividends in saving time later. As with many of the early stages of the writing process, deliberation now will be a huge advantage later.
  • Tracking Progress. Sub-dividing a writing project into smaller components is a great time management strategy. It’s easy to see the progress you’re making in the overall task, and helps you keep track of how much time will be needed to see the project through to completion.
  • Better Management Skills. Just like following a roadmap of your essay plan will save and track time, it will also save and track other resources–namely, the energy you need to invest in further research, getting input from peers, tutors, or instructors, and how to balance other commitments you have for other classes and other aspects of life.
  • Instilling Trust. Mapping out an outline or development plan for your essay DOES instill trust. Primarily you create trust in yourself that this is a manageable task ahead of you. Breaking a large project into smaller components shows a clear path towards checking items off the list. Accomplishing each stage will give you that much more confidence to approach the next one.
  • Reduced Stress. All the factors above will leave you with a stronger sense of well-being and confidence about the writing task overall.  Who can turn down a chance to minimize stress?


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