Introduction to Using Technology in Writing

What you’ll learn to do: effectively use digital tools to convey your ideas

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College requires lots of traditional essays, but it will also require you to use a range of technological tools and to convey your ideas in the form of digital writing. You will need to learn to use your institution’s LMS (learning management system) to read and download assignments, engage in online discussions, and contact your professor. You will probably be required to take quizzes and upload essays. And you may also be asked to create presentations, videos, web pages and/or photo essay.

When you enter the world of digital writing, the same principals will apply: You have to think about your audience and purpose, and you have to consider how you can use the digital tools at your disposal, including text, images, and/or sound, to express your ideas and persuade or inform your reader or viewer.

The following pages will offer some important tips on composing texts in digital environments and link you to some additional resources, which can be helpful as you work with the technology. We’ll also review some of the basics of using Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The more you know about these programs, the easier it will be to use them to your advantage and showcase your critical thinking and creativity.